Tesla Model 3 Control Screen Protector Tempered Glass Touch Screen Protector,9H Anti-scratch and Shock Resistant for Model 3 (HD)



Product description

Screen Protector

  • Customized design for Tesla Model 3,Maximum compatible for the screen.
  • 0.25mm ultra thin will not affect the sensitivity, smooth touching feeling.Scratch resistant; Shock-resistant.
  • Made of high quality tempered glass material,hardness.With the high optical clarity to restore the color of screen,bring you the original visual enjoyment.
  • Easy to Install without any bubbles,with Automatic adsorption features when install the glass screen protector just need soft finger touch to complete it.
  • It minimizes glass spraying inside your car during an accident if your airbag is deployed.
  • As you keep using your car navigator, you will notice that maintaining its brand-new look can be a time consuming chore. Overtime, it will cover with fingerprint smudges, dust, scratches, or in the worst-case, an accidentally spilling liquid or a small scratch of a ring that last the life of the screen.
  • Most importantly,we have tested drive this model 3.Obviously that it reflect the sunlight so much than the 17 inch screen in model S or model X.


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